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Positive Psychology; An Anthology by Jenny Anderson
March 13, 2012 – 1:03 pm | One Comment

What if friends, somewhat new to positive psychology, asked you what’s going on in the field? Perhaps they are just curious, or perhaps they want to include topics from positive psychology in classes (college, high school, Sunday school, business) and need to feel confidently grounded in the relevant research. Where would you send them? After reading Jenny Anderson’s Positive Psychology; An Anthology, I have a great answer.

Smarts and Stamina – A Book Review
September 24, 2011 – 4:15 pm | 6 Comments

I have been anticipating Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton’s new book: Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance for several months now and it is better even than I had anticipated.

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