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Praise for the Morning
July 14, 2014 – 8:52 am | 4 Comments

I’ve always loved the early mornings, although it hasn’t always made me popular with family and friends. So I was intrigued recently to find that getting up with the lark has proven scientific benefits, not just the emotional ones I enjoy. Here are five advantages to being an early bird that might entice you to try it.

The Write to Flourish
May 29, 2014 – 10:17 am | 6 Comments
Well-thumbed journal

What started as a casual diary in my early teens is now a daily ritual, as essential as the caffeine that accompanies it. I’m talking about writing a journal, my life enhancing way to juggle my obligations and wants. So imagine my delight when I discovered that the practice can create personal and spiritual growth. The question is, how?

Management Mantras that Make a Difference
May 16, 2014 – 8:13 am | 10 Comments

As a managing director, leadership coach, and parent, I’m always open to advice that can better inform my approach, attitude and style. After all, what might start out as helpful nuggets could easily become the guiding principles in all areas of life. Here are four gems that have made a significant difference to me as a leader over the years.

Twitter for Technophobes
March 17, 2014 – 11:03 am | 2 Comments

For years, the thought of joining Twitter filled me with dread. I was convinced it would upset the balance of life. My privacy would go out the window, and, worse still, I’d probably be judged, abused or ridiculed for saying the wrong thing.

I was wrong.

It turns out that Twitter is so much more than I realized. I had a pleasant surprise in store. It fuels, nay turbocharges, one of my greatest passions: learning.

Resilience (Book Review)
May 9, 2011 – 12:13 pm | No Comment

Never in our generation have we needed resilience so much en masse, as we find ourselves in times of austerity, budget cuts, unprecedented job losses, divorce numbers, mental illness escalating and on it goes… Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves, edited by Senia Maymin and Kathryn Britton, is a collection of some of the finest articles on the subject selected from Positive Psychology News Daily.

Eustress, I stress, We all stress! What happens when we are in-the-grip?
May 10, 2009 – 10:07 am | 4 Comments
Eustress, I stress, We all stress!  What happens when we are in-the-grip?

What is a good amount of eustress in a flourishing person? Eustress helps us increase our skills and confidence and gives us the frisson of adrenalin as we set ourselves goals that we feel mildly terrified by. But there’s a fine line between eustress and distress. In fact, physiologically the body knows no difference between the two, but psychologically there is a world of difference.

Pretty, Witty, and Gritty?
April 10, 2009 – 10:00 am | 4 Comments
Pretty, Witty, and Gritty?

Turns out it’s not enough to be pretty and witty–we now have to be gritty. Grit is getting some hot press at the moment, suggesting that if we want to be truly successful in life, we ain’t gonna achieve it without grit.

When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…My Favorite Things
March 10, 2009 – 4:00 pm | 9 Comments
When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…My Favorite Things

How do we get business leaders to think of their kittens and mittens equivalent? One answer lies in appreciating what is already going well. Another in goal setting and visioning. We can help clients focus on a view of an ideal future,

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