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Caroline Adams Miller is a professional coach, author, educator and speaker who specializes in goal-setting, change, happiness and grit. She is the author of six best-selling books, including Creating Your Best Life (Sterling 2009), the first book to connect the science of goal-setting with the science of well-being. Her next book, Authentic Grit, will be published in 2016. Caroline is often featured in national and international media, was the first Positive Psychology expert on satellite radio with her "Positive Tips of the Day" from 2007 to 2009, and was named a Good News Ambassador by the Good News Network in 2012. In 2013 she won the Mentoring Award from the George Washington University Business School, and she often keynotes at conferences and organizations around the world about her personal experiences, and the cutting-edge science of happiness.

“Dara” To Be Great: Gold Medals, Grit & Goals
July 9, 2008 – 1:49 pm | 25 Comments
“Dara” To Be Great: Gold Medals, Grit & Goals

Last Sunday night, seven women gathered around my television set as a shapely, but taut, body of a drop-dead gorgeous woman filled the screen. “How can she wear that thing and look so good?” one exclaimed. “Black makes you look thinner, but this is ridiculous. She looks half her age, and even acts half her age!” another said.

Harvard, Hogwarts & Commencement Thoughts
June 9, 2008 – 4:29 pm | 10 Comments
Harvard, Hogwarts & Commencement Thoughts

Last week, I had the extraordinary privilege of hearing J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter mega-series, deliver an electrifying commencement speech at Harvard University to a sold-out, standing room only audience of young and adult alike. Although I knew she’d be entertaining, I had no idea how profound Rowling’s talk would be, nor how tightly entwined her speech would be with the themes and message of Positive Psychology.

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